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PKMNA :: Anastasia by R3R4LJ PKMNA :: Anastasia by R3R4LJ

EEEEEE She's in~ Say hello (Again maybe) To Anastasia, my lil' lizard bby asdfsa. I originally had her in another group, but did nothing with it, so I decided to bring her here. Also, can I just say, I've never been more proud of a character I've drawn? GIRL LOOK GOOD. Anyways, I hope to RP her with you all soon~

:bulletblack:Name Anastasia Dewitt

:bulletyellow:Age 18 19

:bulletorange:Gender Female (Bisexual, says she's Pansexual)

:bulletblack:Pokemon Heliolisk :iconhelioliskplz:

:bulletyellow:Birthday May First

:bulletorange:Height 6'1"

:bulletblack:Weight 151lbs

:bulletyellow:Nature Modest

:bulletorange:Ability Dry Skin

:bulletblack:Hometown Couriway Town 

    Anna is in general easy going. She enjoys making friends, and socializing in general. However, she loves to relax, and will often be the one who has to be approached unless her interest is piqued. She for the most part shrugs off insults, but don't insult her nose. She's kiiiinda sensitive about it's size... She's also quite a free spirit, and is almost always up for trying something new. If someone needs some advice, she will try to be there to give it. This is one of the only times she will actually seem serious, when someone needs her help or advice on something important. 

    Anastasia was born to the happy couple of Aleksander and Holly Dewitt, much to their own pleasure. Her father, being a renowned chef, saw a culinary artist in her young sparkling eyes, and wanted to condition her as such. For her early years however, life was as normal as could be for a little girl growing up. She had friends, played with dolls, the typical pastimes you would expect. Her mother too saw great things in her- but not in her husband's prized field of culinary arts. She wanted her daughter to grow in to whatever she wanted, not having her path controlled by any means other than her own. Aleksander scoffed at her ideals, and began teaching his daughter how to cook at the ripe age of six. After months of vigorous instruction... She still couldn't cook. Her father still had faith in her though, she just needed to have further instruction, surely..! She went under years of training under her father, but she still failed to live up to her father's expectations. This upset the both of them, and he reluctantly let her stop taking lessons from him.

The next few years of her life were a struggle. New businesses came and went, and cash income from her father's restaurant began to slim. She saw this, and began looking for job opportunities. But seeing as she was only eleven years old, finding one proved to be a huge challenge. Balancing the job hunting along with her school work began to take its toll on her, and it showed. Her grades began to drop, and her progress finding jobs began to slow. She was exhausted... She just needed an escape. Things only got worse though, as her father finally had to file for bankruptcy, or try to stay afloat on loans. Her mother's job was just barely raking in enough for them to get by, hardly being able to afford the essentials. It was do or die... And the last thing Anna wanted was for her family to be enslaved by debt. She had just finished school at the age of sixteen, and was eager to devote all of her efforts to saving her family's livelyhood. She traveled to the Lumiose city, looking for people to help. While there, she took up the hobby of making jewelry, hats, and other small trinkets. At first, they just consisted of simple materials, like cloth from ratty old shirts- or  things she could rustle up from the alleys she stayed in from time to time. She sold them to passerby, to keep herself fed during her prolonged stay at the city. Unbeknownst to herself, she was actually becoming quite independent, and was keeping herself alive on the small amount of money she was making, and had a plan fro every waking day.

 One day while selling her wares during the winter, she tried to use a Sunstone in a necklace she was making. She then evolved in to the stout young beauty she is today, attracting the attention of a nearby investor. He was quite impressed with her when he was told of her past six months, surviving in the city on what little she had earned. After some conversing, he decided to help her out. He gave a generous donation to the family, even sending out a good word for the fine cuisine her father offered. Business was booming again, and the family had their daughter to thank. When she returned with the news of her accomplishments, they were shocked to see their little girl had grown so much in that small time frame... But in the end, the couldn't be more proud of her. She was glad that her efforts had made an impact, but during that time she missed quite a substantial amount of schooling, leaving her in the dust compared to her class-mates. After living in the city for that time though, she had acquired a desire to travel far and wide, to see new places. After some research, she found a way she could do both, a fresh new start included.

:bulletyellow:Summary Characteristic Likes to Relax

-Making Jewely
-Playing Strategy games

:bulletblack:Moves (Level 39)
-Tail Whip
-Thunder Shock
-Quick Attack
-Razor Wind
-Parabolic Charge
-Eerie Impulse


-Grass Knot (TM86)
-Focus Blast (TM52)
-Flash (TM70)

:bulletyellow:Favorite Berry Flavor Sweet

Cordelia Stamp by KeIdeo

:bulletblack:School Schedule 
Math II
Health & Sex Ed.

:bulletyellow:Extras/Fun Facts 
-She is VERY Glossophobic. She has even been known to cry when forced to give a speech...

-She's a total wuss when it comes to scary movies.

-She has a soft spot for Eeveelutions, as the man who helped her parents' business was an umbreon, with a lovely Sylveon wife.

-You can tell when she is furious if her neck ring opens up. This embarrasses her deeply, and you generally see her face in a DEEP shade of red if it does so.

-She would PREFER to be called Anna, but you can call her Anastasia if you really want to...

-Anna thinks flirts are obnoxious.

-She was nerdy as a kid. Now, she could sort of be considered a, "Closet Nerd"...(?) 

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Dewitt IS a real last name, they just used it for a character in the game. Booker didn't really influence the decision of Anna's name there. though I did play it yes.
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I saw this in my messages and even with the tiny pic i knew it was yours somehow xD

She's horribly fabulous
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